A Commercial & Residential cleaning company. We specialise in a variety of different sectors and industries and offer a full range of cleaning services UK Wide.


Rapid turnarounds at the highest quality with the lowest impact

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Extensive range of Contract Cleaning Services for the corporate and retail sector

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial Cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning applications for sectors such as healthcare and scientific laboratories

Residential Cleaning

Residential Cleaning

Contract Cleaning for End of Tenancy, Estate agents and Landlords

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Our Services

Cleaning services for Commercial, Industrial and Residential Industries

Commercial Cleaning

Our commercial services range from large to small private companies we also undertake contracts for private individuals.  We are experienced in cleaning offices, Retail outlets, factories and other business premises.

What we offer
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Quality
  • Good Service
  • Flexibility

Industrial Cleaning

We provide cleaning solutions from multiple stage cleaning systems which incorporate wash, rinse and drying stages with automatic handling to very large tanks with irrigation manifolds for cleaning hollow components.

What we offer
  • Clinical
  • thorough
  • Rapid
  • Total

Residential Cleaning

We provide “End Of Tenancy” cleaning services for some leading estate agents, Inventory clerks and work closely with Landlords to ensure a smooth and trouble free property transition.

What we offer
  • Deep Clean
  • Light Clean
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Clean
  • Appliances Cleaning

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What our Clients say

  •  What amazing impeccable service. Every step of the way your company has been professional, courteous and informative

    Creative Spark ltd
  • Friendly, professional and thorough

  • I would highly recommend HCG Services there cleaning is always completed to a very high standard

    London Unlike

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